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State Registered in Florida Private School Affiliated in Florida Home Education in Other States


Private School Affiliated in Florida

Many non-public, private schools have been established around the state of Florida that specifically work with families that teach their own children. These schools function the same as other private schools that have incorporated and filed annual data base forms with the state. They keep files, records, transcripts, and offer help in maintaining your classroom through various levels of support. Your children are students in their school and you are the teacher over your classroom. Instead of home schooling, as defined by Florida Statutes, you are enrolled in a private school which allows you to fulfill attendance laws. These schools operate autonomously, but are similar in their requirements. Many allow students to use whatever curriculum you wish. Those with a high school, issue credits and high school diplomas, which is an advantage over home schooling (state registered). Depending on the schools requirements, you do not have to be registered with the state. Each school will have its own fee structure and costs. If you are affiliated with a private school that allows you to use whatever curriculum you wish, we are here to serve.

Our Alternative To Being State Registered

Central Christian Academy

Our Purpuse Is To Provide Parents With The Stuctured Organization
And Accountability Of A School, While They Enjoy The Benefits Of
Teaching Their Children At Home.

Central Christian Academy
  • Grades 1st through 12th
  • Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation
  • Child Placed at Ability Level
  • Year Round School — Start Anytime
  • Quarterly Progress Report Cards
  • Achievement Testing Included
  • Permanent Records Kept
  • Accredited High School Diplomas / 800+ Graduates
  • Students in 32 States and Countries
  • Academic Advisors: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday
  • We primarily utilize the A.C.E. Curriculum
  • Accredited member of the Florida Council of Private Schools

Central Christian Academy - Advisor

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