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State Registered in Florida

The following is only a summary of the Florida Statutes concerning Home Education and does not constitute legal advice. Florida is a compulsory attendance state. Children who attain age 6 years before February 1 of a school year until age 16 must be in attendance in a public, religious, or private school; or home education program.

The definition of a "home education program" is "sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent or guardian...". The parent must comply with the following requirements listed in statute 1002.41:

  1. Notify the county superintendent within thirty days of establishing the home school with a written notice of intent to home school.
  2. Your written notice of intent to home school must include the name of each child (6 - 16 years of age), birthdate of each child named, address, and parent's signature.
  3. Maintain a portfolio of records and materials which shall be made available for inspection by the superintendent upon a 15 days written notice. (The school district has no right to enter your home) The portfolio must be preserved by the parent for two years.
  4. An annual educational evaluation must be performed to demonstrate progress at a level commensurate with the students abilities. You can have the child (a) take a nationally normed student achievement test administered by a certified teacher, (b) or the child must take a "state student assessment test" administered by the local school district, (c) or be evaluated by a certified teacher of your choosing, (d) or be evaluated by any other valid measurement tool as mutually agreed upon. You must file the results with the local school superintendent annually.
  5. If you decide to stop homeschooling or if you move out of the county, you must file a notice of termination with the superintendent's office within 30 days of the time you terminate.

The state does not require the use of state approved materials. Each family must choose their own curriculum and keep their own records. There are many local support groups available to help. You will receive little help from the public schools. High school students work will normally not be accepted for credit towards a high school diploma by the superintendent, unless the school district has a plan to evaluate your student's work for credit.

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