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A.C.E. / School of Tomorrow Curriculum
Placement of Student in ACE Curriculum – Diagnostic Testing

Diagnosis refers to the testing by which a student’s achievement levels are determined. Proper academic diagnosis is vital to academic success and cannot be stressed too much. Past experience has proven that a child’s promotion from one grade to another does not necessarily indicate that all materials have been mastered at that level. In view of this, students should not be assigned academic work on the basis of grade level or on the basis of age. Instead, students should take our diagnostic tests in the areas of English, Math, and Word Building to determine skill and concept mastery. Directions for giving the tests and determining where they should begin are included in the tests. There are score keys available, so you can score these tests yourself. Once scored, students are prescribed curriculum based on their diagnosed level of academic achievement. The English diagnostic test covers levels one to eight. There are two separate tests for Math; the levels one to six test, and the intermediate math tests for levels six to eight. The Word Building diagnostic test is contained in the back of the score key for the English diagnostic test. There are tests for Social Studies and Science to determine their reading comprehension level, but you can determine this by looking at a recent achievement test, without necessarily having to this test. If weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. After completing the gap PACEs, the student begins continuous progress at his achievement level. Generally, a student is placed in the curriculum at the beginning of his performance level, according to the diagnostic tests. If the student demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing (thru eighth level) and is in high school, he has the ability to function at his chronological grade level in the high school curriculum.

A.C.E. Diagnostic Test
Item No. Description Price Used To…
91 ABC’s Reading Readiness Test $6.00 (us) Administer to students who have never been in school and do not know how to read.
468 & 465 Lower Math Diagnostic Test & Key $6.00 (us) each Test students skills in math. Covers grade levels 1 through 6. (PACEs 1001 -1060)
444 & 445 Intermediate Math Diagnostic Test & Key $6.00 (us) each Test students math skills on grade levels 6 to 8. (PACEs 1061-1096) To be given to high school students also.
437 & 438 English Diagnostic Test & Key Which Contains Word Building (Spelling) Diagnostic Test $6.00 (us) each To test students skills in grammar on levels 1 to 8. To be given to high school students also.
462 Social Studies & Science Diagnostic Test (includes key) $6.00 (us) Used to determine reading and comprehension level of student.

IMPORTANT When deciding on which tests to give your students, be sure and give a test that starts two grade levels below your students current grade. For High School students, give them the English and Intermediate Math Diag. Tests. Even though these tests only go through level eight, you want to be sure they have mastered concepts to this point. If your High School student passes the tests with no problems, then you can start them on the appropriate level for their grade (an eleventh grader in eleventh level English) or put them in the subject they need next (if they have had Algebra I then put them in Geometry).