Alpha Omega Publications’ LifePAC® Core Curriculum

LifePAC is a complete work text curriculum for students in grades K-12. AOP is committed to meeting the needs of students and teachers alike and strives to achieve the perfect balance of structure and flexibility in the LifePAC curriculum.

The work text format of the LifePACs allows students to read textual information and complete workbook activities all in the same booklet. Each LifePAC course also comes complete with teacher support materials that guide instruction and provide answer keys for lessons, activities, and tests.

LifePAC’s core subjects — Bible, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Science — create a strong educational foundation for students, equipping them with the skills they’ll need to be successful lifelong learners.

What is a LifePAC?
A LifePAC is a combination workbook and textbook that we refer to as a “worktext” There are ten LifePACs per year, per subject, in our core curriculum. This program basically divides one hard bound book into ten smaller books making it simple for little hands to work with. This method is less intimidating than using one oversized textbook and it also makes the material more portable. Children enjoy it because they receive a new workbook every three to four weeks!
In LifePAC Bible 801, what does the “801” mean?
The first number on a LifePAC stands for the grade level. The last two numbers indicate which book, unit, you are working in. For example, if a student is working on the Bible 801 worktext, it means they are working with grade 8, unit 1. Similarly, Math 207 is the seventh book (out of ten books in a set) in second grade Math
How long does it take to complete one LifePAC?
Each LifePAC should take approximately three to four weeks to complete. It is important to use the Teacher’s Guide for additional activities and supplementary teaching ideas.
How long should a student work on each subject?
We recommend 45 minutes per subject per day.
How do I keep track of grades?
We carry Student Record books designed to help you organize student grades and other important information. Each book has space enough for one quarter. Keeping accurate records is an essential part of monitoring your child’s progress.
What is a boxed or complete set of LifePAC?
A boxed set includes a Teacher’s Guide, ten LifePACs, and any required readers needed to complete one year of a subject. It is possible to purchase a complete LifePAC set that contains Teacher’s Guides, LifePACS, and required reading for each of the core subjects. LifePACs may be purchased on an individual basis.

Alpha Omega Publications / LIFEPAC for Grades 1 Through 12 (Student must be Reading)

Diagnostic Testing is performed to place students in the curriculum

Grade & LIFEPAC #’s Bible Language Arts Math History & Geography Science Electives
God & You
OT Stories, Salvation
Phonics Review
Reading and Grammar
Symbols, Money, Add and Sub. up to two digits Your World Senses, Animals, Plants 4th to 8th Grade
Drawing Basics
State History on ComputerHigh School Electives:LIFEPACs:
Accounting – 1cr
Art – 1cr
Consumer Math – 1cr
Computer Literacy – 1cr
Foundations Living – 1cr
Essentials of Communication – 1cr
Health – .5cr
Home Economics – 1crSwitched-On Schoolhouse
Consumer Math – 1cr
State History – .5cr
Health – .5cr
Seven Major Bible Themes Words to Sentences, Word Usage, Spelling Numbers to 100, Add/Sub. to 100’s, Borrowing, Fractions Your Neighborhood Plants & Animals, Physical Properties in Our World
Introduction to the Bible Reading & Writing Skills, Spelling Multiples, Fractions, Add/Sub., Carrying & Borrowing U.S. Communities Growth & Change, Matter, Sounds, Energy
Christian Discipleship Word Study, Grammar, Spelling Composition Multi/Div., Sequencing, Rounding, Estimates, Charts World Geography Environment, Machines, Weather, Solar System
Christian Basics Literature, Poetry, Reports, Spelling Plane & Solid Shapes Perimeter and Area, Fractions, Decimals U.S. History Cells, Records in the Rock, Cycles in Nature
OT & NT Bible Survey Reading, Spelling, Sentence, Poetry Multi/Div., Fractions, Decimals, Lines, Shapes & Formulas Civilization, World History Plant & Body Systems & Behaviour, Astronomy, Earth
Christian Basics
Life of Christ
Composition, Literature, Spelling Pre-Algebra
Anthropology, Sociology, Economics Earth Science, Human Anatomy
Pratical Christianity & Church History Speaking, Writing Skills, Spelling Pre-Algebra
U.S. History General & Physical Science
NT Survey
God’s Will
Elements of Literature, Structure Algrebra I Civics, World Geography General Science, Physical, Geology, Body, Astronomy
OT Survey Literacy Genres: Effective Writing Geometry World History Biology I
Bible Theme, Doctrine & Application American Lit., Research Reports Algebra II U.S. History Chemistry I
Essentials for Christian Service British Lit., Structure of Language, Poetry Advanced Math/ Trigonometry Government, Economics Physics I