Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega Publications’ Philosophy of Education

  • Biblically Based: We believe that the Word of God is the standard and foundation for truth. Our educational resources will not contradict that which is written in the Bible.
  • Cognitive Reasoning: Questions in the LIFEPACs are designed to develop a student’s cognitive reasoning. We go beyond the rote memory questions (true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank) and ask questions that require analytical skills (short answers, short essays, and experiments).
  • Mastery Learning: We believe every student should begin any subject at his or her present “learning level or skill,” not where someone else says or hopes the student should be. This is usually accomplished through diagnostic testing.
  • Integrated Subject Material: We believe all subject material should be integrated to help a student see that life is not “compartmentalized.” Mathematical skills are necessary in science, scientific research is rich in historical data, and language arts is valuable in communicating God’s Word, history and science. In LIFEPACs, God’s truth is integrated in each of the core subjects—mathematics, history, science, and language arts.
  • Personalized Instructions: We believe that a student excels in learning when the parent/teacher is involved. Our curriculum is not a self-study course. The questions as well as content demand personal instruction and input. It is the parent’s responsibility as well as a blessing to personally instruct students.