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Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum Scope & Sequence for Grades 1 Through 12

Placement Testing is performed to place students in curriculum

Grade Level Math English Social Studies Science Word Building Creative Writing & Literature High School Electives
1st 0 to 10 Add and Subtraction Reviews Consonants and Vowels Builds Reading Skills Basic Principles of Life Builds Reading Skills Creation, Human Body, Health Care Phonetic Skills, Goes with ABC’s with Ace & Christi    
2nd Count by twos, fives & tens; Carry & Borrowing; Telling Time Punctuation, Parts of Speech, Reading Comprehension Builds Reading Skills Our Nation & Great Leaders Builds Reading Skills Creation in detail God & Man Spelling/Vocabulary 20 words each PACE Use imagination, visualize, give creative responses to one page stories  
3rd Two & Three Digit Addition and Subtraction Measurements Types of Sentences Parts of Speech Cursive Introduced Discovery of America Communities Agriculture Life Cycle Geology Solar System Spelling/Vocabulary 40 words each PACE Critical Thinking Skills – Requires two resource books  
4th Addition & Subtraction Multiplication Basic Grammar Maps, Globes, Geography, Cultures Laws of Nature Scientific Observations Spelling/Vocabulary 50 words each PACE Creativity encouraged – Six required resource books.  
5th Division Multiplication Fractions & Decimals Basic Grammar: Eight Parts of Speech American History Basic Earth Science Spelling/Vocabulary 50 words each PACE Creativity & Critical Thinking – Six required resource books  
6th Fractions Decimals Grammar Concepts Bible and Church History Electricity, Magnets & Anatomy Spelling/Vocabulary 65 words each PACE Creativity & Critical Thinking – Six required resource books  
7th Percentages; Consumer Math; Pre-Geometry Grammar Concepts: Diagramming Vocational Studies Florida History Life Science Spelling/Vocabulary 65 words each PACE    
8th Pre-Algebra; Consumer Math Grammar Concepts: Sentence Structure American History Earth/Space Science Spelling/Vocabulary 65 words each PACE    
9th Algebra I English I: Grammar, Writing World History Biology I Elective / Etymology Word Origins   N.T. Survey Health/Life Management Beginning Art
10th Geometry English II: Paragraphs, Poetry American History Physical Science     Speech Music Appreciation O.T. Survey
11th Algebra II English III: American Literature U.S. Civics Economics Chemistry     Live of Christ General Business Typing Missions
12th Trigonometry English IV: British Literature World Geography Physics     Business Math Advanced Art Successful Living